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Where We Get Together
Producing the highest quality products.
Production Line
Hygiene is a must
All workers are provided with fresh uniform and protective equipment before every shift.
Boning Process
Skillful Workers
Finest raw material handled by well trained workers result in best products.
Cold Storage
No chicken ever left exposed in room temperature
All fresh products are loaded and unloaded directly into our cool room which is regularly checked and kept under 0 degree Celsius.
0 m +
Conveyor Belt
> 0 Ctns
Produced every 5 mins
0 m² +
Refrigerated Facility
0 °C
24/7 Freezer

Production Team

We are here to assure products delivered are up to customer’s expectation. 

Harry Gajjar

Distribution Manager

Stephen Winter

QA Officer / General Manager
Our prices can go down but not our standard. With years of experience in the Poultry Industry, Master Poultry was and always keeps up with the finest quality."
QA Officer & General Manager
Let us know your expectation and I'll ensure your satisfaction."
Harry Gajjar
Distribution Manager

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